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Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench

2020-10-19    -     2553

Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench
One: JHJX-Hydraulic Torque Wrench case study:
Using socket to help Hydraulic torque wrench applying working condition.
It is very common to face bolt distance too small between two adjacent bolt. See the flange below:
The bolt size:M110(DIN Standard) Torque request: 49,098Nm
The two adjacent bolt center distance is 75mm.
Customer request JHJX to provide the high quality products:
cheaper model, higher torque.
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(1).jpg
Model selection:
1. JHM square drive wrench: JHM70 Max torque:70660Nm (meet the torque request)
The JHM torque wrench “R” data:78.8mm. L2 data:295mm
The torque wrench reaction arm bigger than the adjacent bolt center distance.  We may need to chose the third bolt as the reaction point. However, the second bolt in the middle may hit the wrench body.
So this case need to extend the height of the socket and also need to have extend the torque wrench reaction arm otherwise the second bolt will break the hydraulic torque wrench body (according to the hydraulic torque wrench instruction manual the only reaction support should be the reaction arm cover (see the picture below). The L2 size is longer than the two adjacent bolt center distance.
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(2).jpgSmart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(3).jpg
Extend the socket length. Extend the reaction arm.
Customer refuse: Compare to JHB model the JHM model price is expensive.
2. JHX Low profile wrench
   Same condition: The Low profile wrench “R” not suit for this condition.
3. Chose the high quality JHB model
   Price cheaper than JHM model. With the eDrawing software system, we show the working condition on the picture with JHJX-JHB model square drive wrench.
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(4).jpg
This is just a very simple case study but it is very worth to study.
1. Select the right model hydraulic torque wrench for customer. According to the customer request, give them variety choice base on the price.
2. Have a good communication with customer (bolt dimension).
Selecting the suitable hydraulic torque wrench to solve the bolt tightening and loosening is not just requesting the torque and nut size.
The supplier should have a clear understand the bolt dimension. From this case we can see: if we direct offer the customer a JHB model and a standard socket, the customer can not use the hydraulic torque wrench in a correct way.
The supplier may ignore the second bolt may block the wrench working and direct damage the torque wrench. The better way to use hydraulic torque wrench reaction support area is the reaction arm cover which help protecting the wrench get damage.
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(5).jpg
3. Smart to use the accessories to creating a good working condition for hydraulic torque wrench safe operating.
Case study 2
Using Open spanner wrench and JHK low profile wrench
During the bolt solution sometimes we may face: Height limitation and Adjacent two bolt distance limitation.
Torque request: 3000Nm (example)
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(6).jpg
From the above bolt dimension:
First lets look at the No.3 data. Height: 70mm which means we can not put the standard square drive torque wrench.
Reason: The wrench width is bigger than the height. This make us give up the Square drive hydraulic torque wrench model.
Second lets look at the No.2 data and No.1 data.
No.2 data is the bolt center to the flange inside distance which is 40mm. When we look at the existing brand low profile wrench we find most of the models  radius “R” size is more than 45mm. The 3000Nm low profile wrench Radius “R” size bigger than 45mm so the wrench can not fit in this condition.
Even we meet No.2 data condition, we consider about the No.1 data.
No.1 data means: the adjacent two bolt center distance 100mm. The nut S:70mm. The radius can apply with this condition but the adjacent bolt are too close and the reaction arm of low profile wrench can not get enough reaction support. For example: the reaction bolt may hit the low profile wrench working head and result in damage.
The torque wrench working head radius is depend on the Nut size. For example, JHX05 hex link S:70mm then the radius is 55.8mm. As a result, if the two bolt are getting too close, the low profile wrench may can not put on the nut due to the adjacent bolt block.
Therefore, No.1 data good with low profile wrench, No.2 data not allow low profile wrench. Result: standard models fail.
Two supporting tools plus one low profile wrench. Two plans to solve the problem:
One complete open spanner wrench. This is provided by one of a hydraulic torque wrench supplier in the world.
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(7).jpg 
Another solution by JHJX:
The above spanner wrench can help with this case but it has limitation:
First: it only apply for this case size nut. Second, the power head can only work with the spanner wrench. If you take this open spanner wrench to other bolt solution, it does not work.
Which means the customer buy a hydraulic torque wrench can only fit one kind of working condition. When meet a standard working condition it will fail.
Therefore, from the customer satisfaction and economic benefit, it is not good for the customer. Every one want spend same money and make the tools more flexible and wide use.
JHJX offer three tools which is at the same price but the tool are more flexible use in the future.
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(8).jpg
Smart Flexible Using Hydraulic torque wrench(9).jpg
From this case we find JHJX use three tools:
One low profile wrench JHK model, one offset and another square tool.
When the customer finish this job, they also get a flexible JHK ultra-thin low profile wrench. Next time, if the customer meet the similar tough working condition, they only need to buy the No.3 tool. This help them save a lot of money.
This is also a very simple case study for the hydraulic torque wrench using in the special working condition.
What we learned from this:
1.Open mind when we using hydraulic torque wrench.
2.The modernization does not mean the best choice. The efficient high quality tools is what we need look for.
3. If we can not change the hydraulic torque wrench itself, we need to help the hydraulic torque wrench suit the special working condition. Smart Flexible using hydraulic torque wrench.
Case study review:
The case study is to help us when we selecting and managing the hydraulic torque wrench according to the specific working condition. 
When the standard hydraulic torque wrench can not help solve the bolt problem, we should think about how we adjust the hydraulic torque wrench in order to apply for that specific condition. 
The hydraulic torque wrench is not independent it needs to work with accessories such as sockets. When we try to adjust the wrench, we should not only focus on the wrench itself, we also should consider its accessories. Sometimes, change the accessories is more useful and easier than change the hydraulic torque wrench.
                --------Written by JHJX Machinery Manufacturing Co,.Ltd

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