Work efficiently with bolting tools-hydraulic torque wrench-electric torque wrench-pneumatic torque wrench

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Work efficiently with bolting tools-hydraulic torque wrench-electric torque wrench-pneumatic torque wrench

Working with loose nuts or fasteners can be risky especially if  you over-tighten them with excess force. This is why it is essential to use a torque wrench to tighten and loosen nuts faster.

Many industries now use torque wrenches. These include oil and gas, engineering, auto manufacturing, manufacturing plants, and assembly lines. Torque wrenches are preferred over other types of wrenches because they are very efficient not to mention providing much-needed precision. Other types of wrenches do not provide such accuracy in operation. Most of the wrenches are not provided with a means of reading the amount of force that is applied to fastener, but the torque wrenches are provided with an analogue or digital meter display, which tells you about the amount of force that you have applied on a particular fastener. This tells you when to stop applying the force and thus saves the nuts head from breaking.


There are, basically, three types of torque wrenches that are available in the market that are electric torque wrench, pneumatic wrench and hydraulic torque wrench.


Electric torque wrench(electric nutrunner)
Electric torque wrench is a planetary torque multiplier or a "Gearbox" mated to an electric motor, it is also called electric nutrunner. At the end of the "gearbox" is a reaction device that is used to absorb the torque. This allows the operator of the tool to use the electric torque wrench with very little effort.
Electric torque wrench is very convenient, it only needs electric power. However, some working conditions are not allowed to use electric runner, because it is not accuracy enough and not as safe as pneumatic/hydraulic wrenches.


Hydraulic torque wrenches
Hydraulic torque wrenches, the most accurate versions of torque wrenches, are provided with an electronic panel and a digital display. These digital display screens provide you the most accurate readings of the force you are applying on the fastener. Additionally, these wrenches are programmable so that you could feed the wrench with a predetermined value of torque to be applied so that when that value of torque is achieved, it automatically stops applying the torque and avoids over-tightening of the fastener. The best feature of hydraulic toque wrench is that they are very silent in operation and are best for places where you want the highest degree of accuracy and least amount of noise.


Pneumatic torque wrench(pneumatic nutrunner)
Pneumatic torque wrench uses compressed air as a source of power for application of torque. It is provided with a digital display, which keeps telling about the amount of torque applied. The pneumatic torque wrenches are very noisy and are not suitable for places where you need silent operations. They are also not very accurate as compared to hydraulic wrenches.

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